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Bruce from Mentor says:

"Lance is a great guy! He always stands behind his work and it's beautiful. He is always there when he says he will be. He put a fence around my pool and when my neighbor saw it, they wanted one too. Not long after the work was done, I had a little accident with my tractor and the neighbors gate. Lance was prompt and efficient with the repair too. It looked like nothing had ever happened."

Melissa from Willoughby says:

 "I have 3 dogs and neighbors whose back yards boarder my drive way. I didn't want to worry about my dogs going into their yards, getting lost or hit by a car. Our back yard is already fenced on three sides but the layout is unusual and I wanted to close off the drive way. Lance had the perfect solution for our particular situation. He custom built an extra wide drive gate and then customized a solution that fits seamlessly with our existing fence to keep my littlest dog from getting out. The fence was up before I knew it and it's awesome! Now my dogs can have the run of the back yard, finally!" 

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